Karl Iddon

Commercial Manager

Karl joined Enspec is 2022 and he’s responsible for the consultancy, manufacturing and field services sales management, while also managing new business development, account management and the commercial growth.

Just like the industries Enspec serves, Karl’s role continues to evolve and adapt to new technologies and regulations and he often states how no two conversations with clients are the same.

As the first point of customer contact across Enspec’s portfolio of services and products, Karl is involved in maintenance projects, grid connection projects and both system studies and mitigating equipment requirements.

A recent project saw Karl deal with a client’s request to understand whether PFC could save their business money. Upon collating all the necessary information to understand the energy usage costs, Karl determined that power factor correction would not make any significant cost savings. However, the client was very close to their maximum supply limit due to the reactive power their operations consumed.

Karl raised the benefits of PFC on max supply savings and discussed future equipment plans. He was then able to establish that a new production line was planned in the next 12 months and that it would likely exceed their maximum supply and wouldn’t be allowed to connect. The overall solution was a 600kVAr PFC unit that would scrub their reactive power usage, allowing for the planned production line and reduce the site transformer OpEx due to the reduced reactive power.

Karl is passionate about the role he plays towards the positive change and transition from fossil fuel produced energy to renewable and he believes it’s the can-do attitude and culture of Enspec that drives it forward to overcome the industry’s biggest challenges.

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