Sustainability Facilitation

At a time when the UK is playing a leading role in the global drive to achieve Net Zero, Enspec Power is responding to the challenge with a full consultancy and facilitation service to improve sustainability.

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Why is Net Zero important?
Why is Net Zero important?
Why is Net Zero important?

Why is Net Zero important?

In a nutshell, Net Zero refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. So, national Net Zero targets can only be achieved when the amount added is no more than the amount taken away. To monitor this, countries the world over are counting the emissions that directly arise from activity within their own geographical boundary. A process that prevents double counting of emissions and also more closely links to the levers available at country level to reduce emissions. The UK alone has set a Net Zero target for 2050, that relates to its territorial (or production) emissions.

Zero in on specialist support

On a business level, taking the first step toward Net Zero can be a confusing process, as a result of content overload and ever-changing definitions. But where do you start? If you’re a large energy user (consuming around 600MWh per year) for example, then you may even need to generate renewable energy onsite, in order to achieve your own Net Zero goals and protect company growth.

The answer lies with Enspec’s sustainability service. We can help you turn your energy heavy manufacturing or operating process into a carbon-negative system that adds real value to your business, whilst being economically feasible and engineered to your requirements.

The Enspec Process

To start, you will need a detailed Carbon Audit that looks at Scopes 1, 2 and 3, so you can set some science-based targets and plan out how to achieve them.

Enspec can then offer you expert support as you look to make your business more carbon-efficient within the first 6 weeks. Following this, we will put together an offset plan that counters the current carbon emissions that are not able to be offset, due to technology delays – such as long-distance driving in diesel vans, or freight shipping which will be hydrogen-powered one day.

Your onsite renewables system

Once you are ready to take the next step in ultra-low emissions, you will see several options for Power Purchase Agreements, which can benefit some large energy users more than others.

This is where Enspec can support you. Beginning with a Carbon Audit evaluation, we’ll carry out a thorough electrical overview, and then complete a series of studies to design the most economical and energy-efficient onsite renewables system possible. A system that, along with any grid connection studies, ensures your new green electrical network is optimised for your needs, suitable for business growth and fully compliant.

Our trusted team will then handle your project from start to finish, so you can count on having a single connection point and electrical engineer – and be confident your business is operating at ultralow emissions and using 100% green energy.

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Why choose onsite renewables development over a PPA?

  • It increases the value of owned assets – as you are investing in your building by adding a renewable energy source.
  • The green energy tariff is currently a more expensive and more in-demand option.
  • Onsite development can help produce a carbon saving – as energy is one of the emission factors you can get a negative number for (unlike waste or mileage.
  • PPA is not 100% green as there are energy losses in the transmission from the PPA farm to the client. Onsite renewables eliminate this distance and therefore eliminate the energy loss.
  • There isn’t enough PPA capacity for everyone to have one. The large energy users (600MWh p/y) who do take this space though can still help those who have no choice but to switch to a PPA – benefiting commercially and leading by example.

See the recent presentation from Director of Electrical Engineering Tim Rastall, announcing the new service.