Reactive Compensation

Reactive compensation provides any shortfall in reactive capability that is a crucial part of grid code compliance. Obtaining a grid connection agreement is essential to exporting electricity and generating income.


What is Reactive Compensation?

Reactive power is an essential component of ac electric power systems: without it, rotating machines could not rotate, and transmission lines could not transmit active power. The ability to control or compensate reactive power has many benefits. Reactive compensation is the process of adding or injecting positive and/or negative VAr’s to a power system to essentially attain voltage control. Depending upon the application, reactive compensation can be achieved passively with capacitors and reactors or actively with power electronic solutions such as Statcoms and Static VAr Generators (SVG’s).

Reactive Compensation


MVAr ratings of equipment are typically specified following the necessary power system studies that can be carried out by our engineers or by third party engineers.

Once a finalised specification is agreed upon, we will offer the most cost-effective technically acceptable solution to your needs, be it passive, active or hybrid reactive compensation.

Reactive Compensation
Reactive Compensation
Reactive Compensation
Reactive Compensation

Our Solutions

We design and manufacture reactive compensators, fully enclosed at distribution voltages from 400V to 36kV and open-rack at higher voltages. We offer a range of technologies including:

Passive – Power capacitors and shunt reactors provide the required VAr output. These can be simple non-switched biasing solutions through to Point-on-Wave switched systems to meet strict grid code connection requirements.

Active – Utilising power electronic solutions such as Statcoms and Static VAr Generators (SVG’s) to inject real time VAr's for dynamic changes in load and enhanced fault ride through capabilities.

Hybrid – A combination of both passive and active technologies providing a cost-effective solution and often used within renewable energy applications such as wind farm grid connections.



Senvion UK were responsible for providing full reactive power compliance for Kype Muir Wind Farm as part of their turbine supply contract.

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