Power System Studies

Power system studies ensure the safe, efficient and reliable operation of electrical networks that are essential to business. Reduced downtime and continuity of supply will save you time and money.


What are Power system Studies?

Power system studies offer peace of mind. The assessment of electrical networks by power systems engineers can help to obtain grid connection agreements, identify existing or potential problems and optimise performance. They are a requirement for most new connections to the electrical grid and are used to show the site can meet the performance criteria required by the connecting authority. An efficient electrical network and quick grid connection saves you money!

Power System Studies


Following data collection such as electrical design drawings, manufacturers’ datasheets and connection point characteristics, our power system engineers will model and analyse your network to assess your site against defined standards and recommendations relating to performance, safety and efficiency.

We then provide a professionally indemnified engineering report that outlines key findings and recommendations to address any highlighted issues.

Power System Studies
Power System Studies
Power System Studies
Power System Studies

Our Solutions

Enspec offer a full suite of power system studies, including:

  • Load flow and fault analysis
  • G99 connection studies
  • Voltage fluctuation and flicker (ENA ER P28)
  • Harmonic studies (ENA ER G5/4-1)
  • Reactive power studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Protection grading studies
  • Earthing studies
  • Arc flash analysis

Further to this, we can offer a range of consultancy and support services for specific and/or unique applications.



Our study found that energisation of the site’s transformers exceeded the P28 limit.

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