Controlled power switching demonstration facility opens for business

Posted by: Gary
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Enspec has opened a controlled power switching demonstration facility. The facility will simulate different conditions that can affect electrical distribution networks and will show solutions to voltage disturbance working in real time.

Located at our manufacturing site in Washington, the demonstration facility is aimed at the power generation and distribution market and has already attracted a great deal of interest.

The project is the result of a global partnership between Vizimax of Canada, Comsys of Sweden and Enspec Power.

Jean-Guy Lacombe, president and CEO of VIZIMAX said: "Being part of this project is the most accurate way to demonstrate our secure and reliable transient free grid connection solutions."

Enspec Director Dave Jones said: "We initially built a small demonstration unit for an exhibition in Glasgow last year. This generated a huge amount of interest and we decided to create a permanent demonstration facility at our Washington site and we believe that it is the first of it’s kind in the UK".

For more information or to book a demonstration please call 0845 057 1188 or email