100 Wind Farms (and counting…)

Posted by: Gary
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We recently celebrated our 100th wind farm project. We were delighted to be asked to build a harmonic filter for a wind farm in Ireland. The wind farm comprises of five turbines with a total generating capacity of 15MW (that’s enough power for 10,000 average homes a year). It will soon be commissioned and putting the weather to good use by generating clean, sustainable energy.

We haven’t totalled up the power generating capacity of all the wind farms we have helped to connect to the grid over the years. When we added it up 2 years ago it was over 1500 MW (that's enough power to supply 1.25 million average homes). This is something that makes us feel very proud.

Renewables now provide almost a quarter of the UK’s energy supply and it’s good to know that we have helped to play a part in this.