Power quality solutions for data centres

Posted by: Gary
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We recently designed and installed an active filter system for a data centre facility in the UK. Data centres are heavy consumers of electricity and demand reliability and optimum service delivery as any power outages can be very costly.

For this system, we incorporated active harmonic solutions developed by ADF Power Tuning of Sweden. Enspec can integrate ADF active harmonic solutions into our power quality systems to eliminate a wide range of unwanted power quality anomalies and to meet the most demanding power quality requirements.

The active harmonic filters compensate almost any load or problem by following the load and dynamically generating compensation current. Even during increased load or changing conditions, the power quality will remain optimal.

By continuously monitoring the network and injecting exactly the right amount of compensation current at exactly the right time, the most efficient and accurate solution to any power quality problem can be achieved.

Power tuning solves the problems of harmonic mitigation, load balancing and dynamic reactive compensation. The technology is also able to handle resonances, flicker, voltage control, and more.

We offer non-intrusive power surveys to assess the performance of electrical networks and design and manufacture solutions that incorporate technology developed by our network of global partners in power quality.