Maintaining theme park magic

Posted by: Gary
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Our Field Engineers often find themselves working in remote and isolated locations. However, Duncan and Peter recently found themselves carrying out maintenance on capacitor banks at one of the UKs biggest theme parks.

They were on site to carry out pre-season maintenance work on the capacitor banks that help correct power factor and to ensure that the power supply functions efficiently throughout the season.

Duncan said “people rarely give any thought to the power supply when they visit a theme park but try to imagine a theme park without it. They need to have a reliable and efficient power supply to deliver the action and excitement visitors expect”.

Peter said “It’s great to work in such a different environment and to see the park before it is open to the public. As rides become more complex, controlling energy costs and powering all the features is essential.”

Happily, all the maintenance work has all been carried out ensuring that the power supply is ready to deliver a great experience for all the visitors this season.