Time to tackle those power quality issues?

Posted by: Sarah
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2015 seems to be flying by and as winter gets closer, our energy consumption usually increases. If you’re concerned about the increased demand on your electrical network, it could be a good time to have it checked out.
Power quality issues come in many guises. If you are experiencing power quality issues (such as circuits overheating, flickering lights or tripping protective devices) or see charges for reactive power on your energy bills, we recommend having it checked out before the winter when power consumption is often at its peak.
As well as ensuring that your system is safe to use, fixing power quality problems often results in lower energy bills and greatly improved reliability.
If you need professional, unbiased advice, please get in touch with us. If there is no problem, we will tell you so. If there is a power quality problem, we can propose a range of cost effective solutions to fix the problem.
We’re passionate about energy efficiency and power quality. It helps our customers to save money and improve system reliability while reducing carbon emissions at the same time. That’s a “win-win-win” situation!