Solving P28 compliance issues at solar farms

Posted by: Sarah
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We have been providing Power Systems Studies services to clients for many years. Through this we have encountered many sites that exhibited P28 non-compliance, an issue that jeopardises the client’s connection agreement and has potential to greatly increase costs.

One of our clients, had a compliance issue highlighted by the P28 studies for two of their solar farms. The study highlighted a voltage dip greater than 3% for each of the sites two transformers. As a result of this we recommended a number of solutions to this non-compliance issue. Our client decided to go with our SynchroTeq solution to meet this compliance and we installed our controlled switching devices to control the switching of each transformer.

The installation of our SynchroTeq devices limited the inrush current for each transformer energisation, thus minimising the resultant voltage dip. This led to the site being fully P28 compliant and the connection being fully accepted. The average voltage dip per transformer was reduced to 0.5% at one solar farm and 0.8% at the other.