Partners in Power Quality at All Energy

Posted by: Sarah
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This year, we adopted the theme of Partners in Power Quality at All Energy, to highlight our range of power quality solutions.

During the exhibition, we gave a series of demonstrations of point-on-wave controlled switching using a Vizimax SynchroTeq unit which were well attended. Aimed at renewable developers and DNOs, we demonstrated how voltage disturbances and inrush current can be reduced to improve network stability and performance.

We also highlighted ADF Power Tuning developed by Comsys that can be incorporated into power quality solutions such as our Gridlink® systems. Designed to eliminate a wide range of unwanted power quality anomalies ADF Power Tuning can meet even the most demanding grid connection requirements.

To complete our offering at All Energy, we also placed the spotlight on EPSyS™ P28 and G5/4 studies for grid connections and power quality issues.

The show provided an excellent showcase for Enspec and helped to highlight power quality solutions we offer through our Partners in Power Quality brand. These are the world-class systems we bring to the UK market in partnership with other leading companies whose approach to quality, reliability and customer service matches our own.

A huge thank you to everyone who visited our stand