Designs for the future

Posted by: Sarah
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We recently updated our design package and have trained up more users to enable us to respond to customer enquiries even faster.

Having in-house design and manufacturing capability is a great asset to Enspec and we frequently look at newer technology to help us to develop and future-proof these assets. Our most recent review showed that a new design package would help us to handle increased volumes in a shorter time.

Dave Jones explained “This year we have received an unprecedented level of enquiries. It’s fantastic news for Enspec but we have to keep an eye to the future and ensure that our systems meet increased demand successfully. We looked at all of our processes and saw that a new design package would enable us to process enquiries faster and at a greater volume”.

We also took the opportunity to train more of our team in the new design software so that we can increase our overall design capacity even further.

Our customers are already benefiting from faster response times and will see these maintained even during the busiest periods.