Generating bright ideas in Canada

Posted by: Sarah
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Last October, we sent our Engineering Team across to Canada for training at Vizimax HQ.

A week of training on the installation, commissioning and maintenance of Vizimax equipment also provided an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas between the Enspec and Vizimax teams.

Enspec Director Steve Jones said; “While in Canada we were able to interact and exchange ideas with the Vizimax team which was great for both organisations and led to some exciting discussions on new solutions to power problems.”

Vizimax said “The outcome of this meeting surpassed and exceeded our expectations. For instance, our fruitful discussions led to new approaches and economical solutions for Medium Voltage inrush-free circuit breaker switching and power transformers applications.”

We hope to see some of these ideas evolve into commercial applications over time. However, the immediate outcome is that Enspec is now positioned to deliver Vizimax inrush current solutions across the UK and Ireland.

We’re delighted to report that the team were called upon to put their newly gained skills into practice as soon as they returned to the UK!