Grid connection for solar farms

Solar farm grid connections can often be tricky affairs, particularly on weaker networks where energising distribution transformers can create voltage fluctuations outside of P28 limits.

We offer professionally indemnified grid connection studies and our SynchroTeq point-on-wave switching solutions are the perfect solution to transformer switching problems: a quick, easy and compact electronic solution that can be applied to any circuit breaker to mitigate transformer inrush currents.

Solar farms of all sizes produce a harmonic signature that, depending upon the network strength, can often exceed the limits of Engineering Recommendation G5/4-1.

Our Power System Studies Team offer grid connection studies that can identify early on whether steps may need to be taken to mitigate harmonics and our manufacturing team's range of active, passive and hybrid harmonic filter technologies ensure a cost-effective solution is always at hand.

Solar farm reactive power capabilities can often cause grid connection issues particularly during intermittently cloudy weather and at low levels of generation when transformer losses mean the import of power whilst network cable capacitances result in the export of reactive power.

This particular mode of operation often throws the power generating facility outside of grid connection agreement operating windows.

Enspec's grid connection studies can identify this scenario. What's more, our dynamic 4-quadrant +/- VAr compensation systems will eliminate such issues to realign the facility within its agreed operating parameters.

If you need assistance with your solar farm grid connection, please get in touch with us.