Power Generation

Our study found that energisation of the site’s transformers exceeded the P28 limit.

The problem in detail

We carried out a full P28, P29 and flicker study for a proposed solar park and investigated voltage dip due to the proposed transformer energisations and generation step changes, flicker due to continuous and switching operations and the possibility of unbalanced operation.

The study showed that the site was compliant with P29 and flicker emissions were within the specified limits. But the study showed that a whole site transformer energisation would exceed P28 levels. The energisation of individual transformers also resulted in a voltage dip that exceeded P28 levels.

Finding the solution

Having identified the problem we were able to advise on various options available to overcome this issue. A SynchroTeq Point-On-Wave solution was chosen and is achieving some great results.

Making it all work

The SynchroTeq switching panel provides the highest level of inrush current mitigation. Without the SynchroTeq the voltage waveform collapsed dramatically, once the SynchroTeq was used the energisation was free from inrush currents and voltage dips.

What that means for the project now:

As voltage dip at the PCC exceeded the 3% limit specified by P28 we could advise on solutions at an early stage and helped to prevent this issue prior to proposed site energisation dates. This ensured generation could begin on schedule with no risk of disconnection due to non-compliance and a subsequent loss in revenue.


SynchroTeq in Action


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SynchroTeq in Action

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