Power Generation

A data centre was unable to energise it’s power supply due to the harmonics it was generating.

The problem in detail

Equipment in data centres can generate harmonics which affect the performance of the centre itself as well as the infrastructure around it. In this instance the DNO was refusing to allow the data centre to energise its power supply due to harmonic levels in the area already being up to capacity.

Finding the solution

The data centre could only become operational if it could guarantee zero harmonics. As a result the centre was inoperative while a solution was found. Enspec was selected to develop a solution to the problem in order to get the data centre operational.

Making it all work

Traditionally a Statcom solution could be employed to achieve zero harmonics. However, these could not be accommodated at the site. Working with the technical team at Comsys of Sweden, Enspec developed a solution using active filters and were able to eliminate the harmonics.

What that means for the project now:

Having satisfied the DNO that the centre could guarantee zero harmonics, the data centre gained approval to energise its power supply and the site is now fully operational.


Active filter solution


Active filter solution

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