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Enspec Power Ltd are a UK electrical engineering company specialising in reactive power compensation, harmonic filtration and power systems analysis.

We design, manufacture and install energy saving Power Factor Correction (PFC) equipment for the improved operating efficiency of electrical power systems to provide electricity cost savings and reduced carbon footprints.

Enspec Power also specialise in power quality solutions and the manufacture of Harmonic Filters to eliminate the unwanted effects of harmonic distortion from electrical networks.

We understand energy matters. Enspec Power know the importance of environmental awareness, quality and surety of supply and energy efficiency. That’s why we developed the VArComp® range of power factor correction equipment and harmonic filters to help others to reduce their carbon footprint through electrical energy efficiency and power quality improvements.

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“Enspec Power’s aim is to be market leaders in the manufacturing of reactive compensators and harmonic filters, through uncompromising principles in quality and customer service which is delivered by a strong and affable team.”

“We’re delighted with the help Enspec has given us and we are now looking to introduce these units at other sites around the UK.”

Joe Kennedy, at Tradebe

“The enterprising way in which ENSPEC has driven forward into new global markets is a fantastic testimonial to the commitment of its staff and quality of its products.”

Councillor Paul Watson, Leader of Sunderland City Council

“Enspec under-promised and over-delivered on this work. A highly proficient team of individuals that provided a cost-effective solution to Eco Wind Power.”

Kelly Dallas, Operations Manager at Eco Wind Power

“The results have been beneficial in reducing line current, correcting power factor and removing unwanted power anomalies. The service we have received has been both professional and competitive.”

Warren Critchley, Technical Maintenance Services Manager at Alton Towers

“Has allowed the Gigha community to maximise their installed generation capacity and meet the local grid requirements in the most cost-effective way.”

Colin Anderson, Project Manager for Gigha Green Power

“It’s through the support of Corporate Members such as Enspec Power that we’re able to make such a difference to the local community.”

Lesley Spuhler, Chief Executive at the Foundation of Light

“I would personally like to thank Steve and everybody at Enspec Power, on behalf of the players, coaches, staff and fans at Rochdale Hornets, for sharing our vision.”

John Stankevitch, Sporting Director at Rochdale Hornets

“Understand customer needs and deliver exactly what is requested.”

Jonathan Hill, Wind prospect

“The people working for Enspec are very down to earth, technically very knowledged and helpful.”

Michail Theodoridis, Vestas Celtic Wind Technology

“Work with the customer whenever required to ensure customer gets from the product exactly what they require.”

Patrick Curran, S&C Electric

  • CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

    The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme is a compulsory scheme devised and overseen by the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC), and administered by the Environment Agency, that is intended to improve energy efficiency across public and private sector organisations. If your company’s electricity is metered half-hourly, then you are required by law to participate. (The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme was formerly known as the Carbon Reduction Commitment) For more information, please visit the official CRC Energy Efficient Scheme web site.

Please feel free to contact us and we will be pleased to help, whatever your requirements.